Friday, March 1, 2013

Babykicks Hemparoo

   When I started this blog I really had every intention to post a least once a week, since it has now been over two I felt I needed to post something really good. Last November I was choosen to be a BabyKicks ambassador which really knocked my socks off. I really love their diapers and one of the reasons people call us crazy is our passion about cloth diapers. Well I just got to try their Hemparoo prefolds and I am in love!When we first started cloth diapering over 18 months ago I really thought prefold would be a last resort for us. Now I love them and the BabyKicks Hemparoo is my new favorite.
   The Hemparoo is a super soft hemp fleece prefold that is 55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton. It is so super soft. Ziva tried to use it as a blanket when it came out of the dryer.  It has some stretch to it which makes getting a perfect fit incredibly easy.  I was suprised how trim they were but that does not affect their absorbing power at all. These babies can hold a serious amount of wetness! They make a great overnight diaper. We use the medium which is recommended for 12-20lbs on Ziva who is 22lbs and there is plenty of room to snappi them. They do come in 5 different sizes to meet everyone's needs. I want to get a few of the smalls for baby #4.
   I will add some pictures as soon as my amazing tech genius of a husband gets in from business. I wish I could add a feel me patch like the touch and feel books because the pictures do not convey the softness of this prefold. If you have any doubts about prefolds feel free to comment and I will try to answer any questions. Prefolds, especially the Hemparoo by BabyKicks are a great economical option for diapering.