Friday, December 6, 2013

A Birthday, An Early Thanksgiving and A Milestone

Wow, the last month has been super busy so this post has been in draft for awhile waiting for pictures. To start it off we went up to our home in north Georgia as the hubby was asked to help at the plant near our home there for the week. It was nice to get to spend time with family. The kids always enjoy getting to stay for awhile and go to my mom's school and do sleepovers with the grandparents. It was made even better because we celebrated Josiah's birthday all week long.

His actual birthday was spent rather quietly but the next day we went to my mom's tutorial school to celebrate with his friends. We brought cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday and that made his day. Since moving to south Georgia the kids have really missed seeing their friends at school. They are making new friends here but they always  enjoy spending time with their old friends.

At the end of the week we went to my mother-in-law's for an early Thanksgiving with all the family. We don't get to see Nana as much as we would like so it was a special treat to get to spend the night there. She had gotten a Ninja Turtle cake for Josiah so we got to sing to him for a second time after a wonderful dinner. The kids definitely did not want to leave and hopefully we will get back up there soon.

To top the week off we celebrate Josiah's birthday one more time at my Grandmother's home. Josiah asked for a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cake with lots of crocodiles. I love making our children's birthday cakes. They may not be the best looking but seeing their face when their ideas come to life is amazing. Josiah enjoyed helping this year by placing the figurines on the cake. Josiah loved being doted on. Sometimes I feel like he gets the least amount of attention because he is the quietest. So I really love to make him the center of attention every now and then.

Once we got back home I almost let Hezekiah turning four months old slip by unnoticed. He is so big and strong I often forget he is so young. He is already out growing his 3-6 month clothes in length. He his quite the talker, loves to play peek-a-boo and be tickled. His smile is infectious and has an instant calming affect on everyone.

I am so thankful God blessed us with our cuddly, sweet, caring Josiah and our happy, bubbly Hezekiah. I cannot imagine our family without them.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Little Miss is Two

I can't believe it has already been a month since we celebrated Ziva's second birthday. There are days when it does not seem possible that she is already two and then there are days when I have to remind myself she is only two. She is so independent and her verbal skills are quite impressive so she had a lot to say about her party. She choose Minnie Mouse as her theme. So there was a lot of pink in the house.
I always make our children's birthday cakes so when Ziva asked for cupcakes I knew I would make them myself. I used regular and mini Oreos to make Minnie Mouse shaped heads on top and then laid them out in a mouse shaped head. This was one of the easiest birthday "cakes" I have done so far.
Thanks to Pinterest I found this tutorial for a Minnie Mouse hair bow and made it using fabric from one of Hubby's old black t-shirts. It was a little to heavy for her hair but she loved it. She had such fun being the center of attention for the day. I can't wait to see what this next year will bring for Ziva. She amazes me everyday with her curiosity, she maybe two but she is two going on fourteen.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BabyKicks Goes Pink, Let's have a Twitter Party to Celebrate!

Just when I thought I couldn't love BabyKicks anymore they announced their 2+2+2 promotion. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month they have revealed limited edition pink diapers that are only available on their Facebook page . When you purchase a diaper not only do you get $2 off the retail value and $2 flat rate shipping, BabyKicks will donate $2 to be split evenly between the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Women Supporting Women. These special diapers are only available for the month of October. So not only do you get a great diaper for a great price, you are helping women who are fighting the battle of their life.

To celebrate this awesome promotion BabyKicks is throwing a Twitter Party next Tuesday at 9 pm EST. This will be my third Twitter Party with BabyKicks and they are always so much fun. On top of getting to chat with everyone there will also be four pink prizes, two pink fitteds, pink washies and a pink trimmed blanket. You have to RSVP to here to win. If you are still a little intimidated by Twitter parties The Inquisitive Mom has a great tutorial here.

I hope to see you at the party. Even if you can't make it be sure to pick up your favorite BabyKicks diaper in pink and support a great cause. I already got permission from the Hubs to get one for Hezekiah, even boys can wear pink.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

RSVP for the #BabyKicks Twitter Party!

You already know that BabyKicks makes fantastic cloth diapers. Maybe you even joined us for the #BabyKicksPrints reveal party this summer and fell in love with Outfoxed and Baby Safari. But did you know that BabyKicks also offers an awesome assortment of natural, hemp accessories for mom and baby?

Join us Wednesday, September 25th, from 9 pm to 10 pm EST to talk BabyKicks accessories (and cloth diapers too)! I along with several BabyKicks ambassadors will be joining @InquisitiveMom to chat cloth and share our favorite accessories.

BabyKicks also wants to give party attendees a chance to win some accessories! RSVP for the twitter party and tweet publicly at least once  using the hashtag #BabyKicks to be eligible to win one of 3 BabyKicks accessories!

BabyKicks is responsible for prize fulfillment.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Diapering an Almost Newborn with BabyKicks

We absolutely love cloth diapering our little Hezekiah. The diapers are so cute on him and I know we are doing what is best for him. He has such super skinny legs we only have a few diapers that fit him well. All these pictures were taken when Hezekiah was 4 weeks old. These diapers fit before then, I just didn't get around to taking pictures.

Let's start with my favorite BabyKicks diaper for Hezekiah, the Hemparoo Prefold. This is a size small and I get a great fit. We use a newborn wool cover over it and it is invincible!
We also use the BabyKicks Premium with the one size JoeyBunz insert. I love both the snap and hook and loop. I can get a great fit with both. We have them on the smallest rise and waist snaps. Because Hezekiah is so long and we waited to use these until his umbilical cord fell off we didn't use the newborn fold.

Mom stop taking pictures.

This is the new print, Outfoxed. It is absolutely adorable. It is one of my favorite prints out of all our diapers. The hook and loop makes getting a snug fit on Hezekiah's tiny waist super easy, especially at in the middle of the night.

Seriously Mom stop taking pictures!

How cute!

These are great trim one-size options. If you wanted them even trimmer you could get the size small inserts. If you are looking for a diaper that is going to last till potty training (these still fit our almost two year old who is almost fully potty trained) this is definitely the diaper I would recommend. You can get these diapers at your favorite cloth diaper retailer or the BabyKicks website.
Disclosure: I am a BabyKicks ambassador and received these diapers for free. All opinions are my own.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nana's Cream Cheese Pie

My precious Mother-in-Law is an amazing cook. I love watching her. This past Easter she made this amazingly delicious and super simple pie. I knew with the first bite I would have to add it to the recipe box. My genius of a husband took this recipe to a new level at a recent get together we had by serving the filling as a dip with graham crackers. Either way you try it be sure you have plenty of people to share it with or you will eat it all in one sitting.

2 packages cream cheese
1 tub whip cream topping thawed
1/2 cup sugar
graham cracker crust or graham crackers

Combine the cream cheese and sugar in a bowl. (It is much easier if you let the cream cheese sit on the counter for awhile first.)

Add the whip cream topping and mix until smooth.

Pour filling into pie crust and refrigerate until firm.

Slice and enjoy.

I told you it was simple. One thing I will say if you don't combine the cream cheese and sugar before adding the whip cream topping it will be lumpy. It still tastes good it just isn't as pretty to look at. Now go make one and let me know how you like it.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

God Gives Strength, Welcoming Hezekiah Julian

I cannot believe it has been four weeks since we became a family of 6. I have been thinking about this post since going into labor (thinking about blogging while in labor is insane I know). Life with four children five and under keeps me very busy so I am glad I have finally gotten the chance to sit down and blog. Hezekiah Julian was born on July 20th weighing 8lbs 14 oz and he was 22 1/4 inches long.

We choose the name Hezekiah because it means God gives strength. This pregnancy was by far the hardest for me. My back gave me many problems and there were days I could barely walk. Taking care of our 3 older children took relying on God for strength everyday. It also took asking for help not only from my husband but also my family. If you know me you know asking for help is extremely hard for me. I think this pregnancy was meant to show me I cannot do everything by myself and I don't have to, God is always there to strengthen me.

We choose Julian to honor my Grandmother whose last name was Julius. She pasted away in 2010. I miss her dearly. She was a wonderful woman and I hope that Hezekiah is as kind as she was. If you are aware of Old Testament kings you will also see a pattern to our boy's names. Asa, Josiah and Hezekiah are all good kings in the Bible. In 2 Kings 18:3 it says Hezekiah "did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord". We hope that verse will also describe our Hezekiah.

We are all in love. The children are all so happy to have a little brother despite all of them thinking they were going to have a sister.  Aside from reminding Ziva she can't pick him up they have been so helpful and attentive to our little bundle of joy. They all love holding him and giving him lots of kisses. I hope that as life settles into a routine I will be able to blog more regularly. So much has happened over the last month and I want to record it and all the wonderful things that are to come.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

#BabyKicks Twitter Party

BabyKicks recently welcomed 3 new prints and we want you to help us celebrate! Join The Inquisitive Mom and BabyKicks for The #BabyKicks Twitter Party on July 31st!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

BabyKicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads

We are quickly approaching our sweet baby's due date. We are all so excited. The kids are excited about having a baby to hold. My husband is excited to find out whether we have a boy or a girl and I am excited about breastfeeding again. I really think nursing is my favorite part of having a little one. I love the bond it creates and the stillness it brings to my day. Between our 3 children I have nursed for just shy of 4 years total using the same reusable nursing pads and realized it was time to get some new nursing pads for this go around. BabyKicks was gracious enough to send me their Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads to try.

The first thing I noticed about these pads was the minimal packaging they came in. I hate it when companies over package thing, it is such a waste. They are also handmade in the USA which always makes me feel better. They are made of 45% organic cotton and 55% natural hemp. I washed them a couple of times because I know hemp becomes more absorbent over time. Compared to all my other reusable pads these are the softest. I know they are going feel great if I get sore nipples. They also do not have a waterproof backing which is a huge plus for me. I like my nipples to be able to breathe and I also find that nursing pads without a waterproof backing are cooler to wear.


Sorry for the sideways picture my computer isn't cooperating and my techie husband is in Canada.
Since Little Miss weaned about 3 months ago I have not gotten to test the absorption power of these trim babies but if they are anything like the BabyKicks inserts that are made from the same material I know they will work wonders but I will update this review as soon as our little one arrives. You can buy BabyKicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads from the BabyKicks website or your favorite BabyKicks retailer.
*UPDATE* I love these nursing pads! I did experience cracked nipples and these were so soft. They didn't add to the irritation at all. I actually think my nipples healed quicker because these are so breathable. I did experience some leaking when my milk first came but every nursing pad I tried leaked during that time. Now that my milk supply has evened out I don't leak through these even at night, although I still leak through some of my older pads. I plan on replacing all my old pads with these. I really can't say enough good things about them.

Friday, May 31, 2013

BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper

Cloth diapering at night can be a challenge. I will be the first to admit that for us it has sometimes been quite the struggle. When we found the BabyKicks Organic Fitted we thought all our problems were solved. They work great, fit great and never leak but they require a cover. Since little miss Ziva has started potty training she does not like putting on diapers. Trying to get a fitted and a cover snapped was a real battle. Then we started using a Kawaii pocket stuffed with a BabyKicks Hemparoo prefold which is a lot easier to get on her and never leaks but are a bit bulky. So when I was sent a BabyKicks Premium Pocket diaper I knew right away I wanted to try it overnight.

Before I tell you how it did let me tell you a little about the diaper itself. The BabyKicks Premium diaper is a super trim front stuffing pocket diaper. It has super soft fleece leg gussets that let air flow but keep messes in. The inner lining is a super luxurious bamboo velour and the outer PUL is the silkiest I've ever felt. Included with the diaper is a one-size  JoeyBunz insert that could hold a river and a stay dry liner which I haven't used. You can get the Premium diaper in side snaps or hook and loop. 

We have used both the hook and loop and the snap diaper overnight with Ziva. We have never had a leak and I don't have to add any extra absorbency. Since Ziva is almost completely potty trained during the day I have been able to space out diaper laundry to every three days and I am so thankful to have some new night time solutions. As an added bonus these diapers are so trim Ziva can wear them in the carseat on our night trips between north and south Georgia.

I can't wait to try these diapers on our new little one. They get so small yet they still fit Ziva great at 23lbs with room to grow. They wash well and the only problem we have ever had with them is the laundry tabs coming undone in the wash, which isn't that big of a deal to me. This diaper has everything I want in a diaper and then some. I absolutely love it! You can find the BabyKicks Premium diaper on the BabyKicks website or at your favorite cloth diaper retailer.

Disclosure: I recieved a Premium Pocket diaper for free as part of the BabyKicks Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Facing my fear

Last week I was forced to face one of the biggest fears I had about moving to south Georgia, taking a child to the emergency room by myself. Our oldest had a tonsilloadenoidectomy (tonsils and adenoids removed) at the end of April. Exactly one week later he seemed a bit off and went to bed early. Two hours later he woke up spitting up blood. We try to get him to drink ice water as the doctor had instructed us to do in the event of bleeding but when he started vomiting large amounts of blood we knew I had to get him to the hospital.
My husband scooped him up and put him in the car and off I went with a half charged cell phone and our scared 5 year old. They took one look at him when we came through the doors and whisked us back. I wanted to fall apart as I held our precious son down for them to start an I.V but I just kept praying that the Lord would give me strength so I could be strong for Asa. The surgeon who preformed Asa's initial surgery came in and decided he would need to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. While waiting on the surgical team to be assembled I was able to call my husband and mother to let them know what was happening. I am so thankful for the team the Lord put together for Asa, they were so kind and did everything they could to calm both of our fears. Sitting waiting on the surgery to be over was one of the hardest parts. Thankfully I was able to talk with my husband and mother again but since my battery was almost dead and I didn't have my charger I spent much of the time sitting in prayer.
It sometimes amazes me how much prayer can calm me. Verse after verse about not being afraid flooded my head. I knew that no matter what God was with me and as much as I wanted my husband there God is truly all I need. After surgery Asa was admitted for the night. Although I didn't sleep very much I was so thankful that once he fell asleep Asa got several good hours of rest. We spent most of the next day in the hospital. Asa liked being able to watch t.v, something we don't have at home. We were finally released around dinner time. Asa started feeling better as soon as we were home.
God taught me so much through this whole ordeal. The biggest lesson being that I am stronger than I think when I rely on him. I also learned that we have more friends than I could imagine that are willing to pray, the greatest gift they could give during this time. I know that the prayers of all our friends and family aided not only Asa and I at the hospital but also my sweet husband who took such good care of Josiah and Ziva. Although I hope to never have to experience an emergency room again, I know that if I rely on God I can and will get through it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BabyKicks Washies

When we first made the switch to cloth diapers we still used disposable wipes. After a few weeks of separating them from the diapers and always ending up with a least one in the wash we made the decision to switch to cloth wipes. Being the DIYer that I am and wanting to save money I cut up some extra receiving blankets and started using those. They work, although sometimes I have to use several, but they are not the best and sometimes we resort to disposable wipes again. When I became a BabyKicks Ambassador I knew I wanted to try their Washies in hopes of finding the perfect wipe. I am so thankful that they sent a pack of 10 to me this month to review.

When they arrived I was surprised at the size, my homemade ones are so much smaller. The Washies are oval in shape with a soft fleece side and a knit jersey side.  The fleece side is so soft, it is the same fleece they use in their Hemparoo Prefolds, and the jersey side is soft but grabby, perfect for really difficult messes.  I love how thick and absorbent these wipes are.  We use a peri bottle for our homemade wipe solution and when I would squirt it on my homemade wipes it would immediately soak through to my hand., with the BabyKicks Washies my hands stay dry. We have really put these to the test not only on the changing table but also in the bathtub and at the dining room table. They have held up so well and still look new.

Having cloth diapered for almost two years now I definitely recommend using cloth wipes. It makes wash time easier and it saves additional money. BabyKicks Washies are a great product to start with. They really are top notch and they are handmade in the USA which makes them even better. You can find Washies at the BabyKicks website or your favorite cloth diaper retailer.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cloth Diaper Twitter Party

If you have read my blog at all you know I am passionate about cloth diapers. I am always learning more from blogs, other cloth diapering moms, Facebook and Twitter. Twitter parties have proven to provide a wealth of info. My first Twitter party was very intimidating at first but I quickly got the hang of it and learned so much from the other party goers. I wanted to share a Twitter party I will be attending tomorrow hosted by @ClothDiaperGeek. Not only will there be a wealth of info shared you have a chance of winning some spectacular prizes. All you have to do is go to The Cloth Diaper Geek to RSVP and hop on Twitter at 9pm tomorrow night. I hope you will give it a try if you never have and I assure you you won't be disappointed.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Babykicks Hemparoo

   When I started this blog I really had every intention to post a least once a week, since it has now been over two I felt I needed to post something really good. Last November I was choosen to be a BabyKicks ambassador which really knocked my socks off. I really love their diapers and one of the reasons people call us crazy is our passion about cloth diapers. Well I just got to try their Hemparoo prefolds and I am in love!When we first started cloth diapering over 18 months ago I really thought prefold would be a last resort for us. Now I love them and the BabyKicks Hemparoo is my new favorite.
   The Hemparoo is a super soft hemp fleece prefold that is 55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton. It is so super soft. Ziva tried to use it as a blanket when it came out of the dryer.  It has some stretch to it which makes getting a perfect fit incredibly easy.  I was suprised how trim they were but that does not affect their absorbing power at all. These babies can hold a serious amount of wetness! They make a great overnight diaper. We use the medium which is recommended for 12-20lbs on Ziva who is 22lbs and there is plenty of room to snappi them. They do come in 5 different sizes to meet everyone's needs. I want to get a few of the smalls for baby #4.
   I will add some pictures as soon as my amazing tech genius of a husband gets in from business. I wish I could add a feel me patch like the touch and feel books because the pictures do not convey the softness of this prefold. If you have any doubts about prefolds feel free to comment and I will try to answer any questions. Prefolds, especially the Hemparoo by BabyKicks are a great economical option for diapering.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Handmade From the Heart

Happy Valentine's Day!
To celebrate Valentine's Day, I've joined the Blogging Mamas Network in the Handmade from the Heart Giveaway Hop!  This Event is all about the Love for Handmade things - each blogger involved, including me, has a great prize for you to enter to win!  After you enter my giveaway, be sure to hop around to all the others.
And you definitely don't want to miss the Grand Prize...
Etsy Gift Card Giveaway
Here on Some Call Us Crazy we will be giving away a crochet newborn caterpillar cacoon and hat from our new Etsy store. It is made with super soft, high quality yarn. This set is perfect for those newborn photo shoots. It is valued at $40.

Go ahead and enter to win this darling set on the Rafflecopter form below and then check out all the othe blogs and their great giveaways.
Disclosure:Giveaway open to US only. According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, and the Handmade form the Heart participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fufill prize obligations.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why Some Call Us Crazy

   After many months of gentle prodding from my wonderful husband I have finally started our blog. This is probably the scariest thing I have done in a long time, way scarier than giving birth, but we want our friends and family to be able to keep up with our growing family. Our growing family is one reason some call us crazy. We have three beautiful children and are currently expecting our fourth. Our oldest is Asa. He is the sweet and caring big brother. He is also extremely intelligent for his age and is ultra logical which can make for some very interesting conversations. Josiah is our second born. He is our snuggle bug who loves to help in the kitchen. Ziva is the baby for now. Most people who know her call her the diva because she knows what she wants and how to get it. We are so thankful God has chosen us to parent our precious gifts.
   The way we parent is another source of the crazy talk. We cloth diaper, babywear, breastfeed our children as long as they want to, cosleep and homeschool. We strive to parent in a way that points our children to their Savior. We hope this blog will show everyone that although our parenting choices are different than some, they are not as crazy as some believe. We also hope that this becomes a place where like-minded parents can come for support and encouragement.
   Please know that this blog will not be perfect. We are not perfect. Our family comes before this blog and although I desire to post reguarly I know that life with littles is unpredictable. I also want to apologize to my sweet sister-in-law and any one else that has an affinity for the english language. There will be many grammatical mistakes as I am no english wiz.
   Feel free to comment as you follow us on our journey.