Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Facing my fear

Last week I was forced to face one of the biggest fears I had about moving to south Georgia, taking a child to the emergency room by myself. Our oldest had a tonsilloadenoidectomy (tonsils and adenoids removed) at the end of April. Exactly one week later he seemed a bit off and went to bed early. Two hours later he woke up spitting up blood. We try to get him to drink ice water as the doctor had instructed us to do in the event of bleeding but when he started vomiting large amounts of blood we knew I had to get him to the hospital.
My husband scooped him up and put him in the car and off I went with a half charged cell phone and our scared 5 year old. They took one look at him when we came through the doors and whisked us back. I wanted to fall apart as I held our precious son down for them to start an I.V but I just kept praying that the Lord would give me strength so I could be strong for Asa. The surgeon who preformed Asa's initial surgery came in and decided he would need to have emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. While waiting on the surgical team to be assembled I was able to call my husband and mother to let them know what was happening. I am so thankful for the team the Lord put together for Asa, they were so kind and did everything they could to calm both of our fears. Sitting waiting on the surgery to be over was one of the hardest parts. Thankfully I was able to talk with my husband and mother again but since my battery was almost dead and I didn't have my charger I spent much of the time sitting in prayer.
It sometimes amazes me how much prayer can calm me. Verse after verse about not being afraid flooded my head. I knew that no matter what God was with me and as much as I wanted my husband there God is truly all I need. After surgery Asa was admitted for the night. Although I didn't sleep very much I was so thankful that once he fell asleep Asa got several good hours of rest. We spent most of the next day in the hospital. Asa liked being able to watch t.v, something we don't have at home. We were finally released around dinner time. Asa started feeling better as soon as we were home.
God taught me so much through this whole ordeal. The biggest lesson being that I am stronger than I think when I rely on him. I also learned that we have more friends than I could imagine that are willing to pray, the greatest gift they could give during this time. I know that the prayers of all our friends and family aided not only Asa and I at the hospital but also my sweet husband who took such good care of Josiah and Ziva. Although I hope to never have to experience an emergency room again, I know that if I rely on God I can and will get through it.

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