Sunday, June 30, 2013

BabyKicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads

We are quickly approaching our sweet baby's due date. We are all so excited. The kids are excited about having a baby to hold. My husband is excited to find out whether we have a boy or a girl and I am excited about breastfeeding again. I really think nursing is my favorite part of having a little one. I love the bond it creates and the stillness it brings to my day. Between our 3 children I have nursed for just shy of 4 years total using the same reusable nursing pads and realized it was time to get some new nursing pads for this go around. BabyKicks was gracious enough to send me their Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads to try.

The first thing I noticed about these pads was the minimal packaging they came in. I hate it when companies over package thing, it is such a waste. They are also handmade in the USA which always makes me feel better. They are made of 45% organic cotton and 55% natural hemp. I washed them a couple of times because I know hemp becomes more absorbent over time. Compared to all my other reusable pads these are the softest. I know they are going feel great if I get sore nipples. They also do not have a waterproof backing which is a huge plus for me. I like my nipples to be able to breathe and I also find that nursing pads without a waterproof backing are cooler to wear.


Sorry for the sideways picture my computer isn't cooperating and my techie husband is in Canada.
Since Little Miss weaned about 3 months ago I have not gotten to test the absorption power of these trim babies but if they are anything like the BabyKicks inserts that are made from the same material I know they will work wonders but I will update this review as soon as our little one arrives. You can buy BabyKicks Hemp Jersey Nursing Pads from the BabyKicks website or your favorite BabyKicks retailer.
*UPDATE* I love these nursing pads! I did experience cracked nipples and these were so soft. They didn't add to the irritation at all. I actually think my nipples healed quicker because these are so breathable. I did experience some leaking when my milk first came but every nursing pad I tried leaked during that time. Now that my milk supply has evened out I don't leak through these even at night, although I still leak through some of my older pads. I plan on replacing all my old pads with these. I really can't say enough good things about them.

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