Sunday, September 1, 2013

Diapering an Almost Newborn with BabyKicks

We absolutely love cloth diapering our little Hezekiah. The diapers are so cute on him and I know we are doing what is best for him. He has such super skinny legs we only have a few diapers that fit him well. All these pictures were taken when Hezekiah was 4 weeks old. These diapers fit before then, I just didn't get around to taking pictures.

Let's start with my favorite BabyKicks diaper for Hezekiah, the Hemparoo Prefold. This is a size small and I get a great fit. We use a newborn wool cover over it and it is invincible!
We also use the BabyKicks Premium with the one size JoeyBunz insert. I love both the snap and hook and loop. I can get a great fit with both. We have them on the smallest rise and waist snaps. Because Hezekiah is so long and we waited to use these until his umbilical cord fell off we didn't use the newborn fold.

Mom stop taking pictures.

This is the new print, Outfoxed. It is absolutely adorable. It is one of my favorite prints out of all our diapers. The hook and loop makes getting a snug fit on Hezekiah's tiny waist super easy, especially at in the middle of the night.

Seriously Mom stop taking pictures!

How cute!

These are great trim one-size options. If you wanted them even trimmer you could get the size small inserts. If you are looking for a diaper that is going to last till potty training (these still fit our almost two year old who is almost fully potty trained) this is definitely the diaper I would recommend. You can get these diapers at your favorite cloth diaper retailer or the BabyKicks website.
Disclosure: I am a BabyKicks ambassador and received these diapers for free. All opinions are my own.

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